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Founding Members

Lush Varsity membership offers resources and support you need to continue to be successful when the gig is over.  We provide direct access to job recruiters, training workshops, master classes and more. When you join our family, you join a community of sisters who are serious about staying grounded on and off gigs. Lush Varsity membership allows a peace of mind knowing there's more waiting for you once you return. Become apart of our network today to replenish the joys and business of the art.

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"admit it! you're dope. stop pretending you're less than you are to protect someone else's ego"


Legacy members

The ladies of Lush Varsity are a unique blend of professionally trained entertainers, widely recognized throughout the entertainment industry. The natural elegance and professionalism of this group adds soft sophistication at any event, while seemingly making every guest feel welcome, relaxed and free to have fun.

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