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lush varsity

LUSH Varsity is a resource and development group for professional and inspiring choreographers and dancers. We provide the tools, resources and knowledge by creating a solid fundamental foundation that will take you to the next level through Master Classes, Intensives, seminars and more. We build your portfolio to be unmatched and prepared for anything. 



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master classes

 Providing affordable Master classes and workshops to the NYC Community to train/develop aspiring dancers. .Lush has worked with: Aliya Janell, Kaelynn Harris, Willdabeast, Nicole Kirkland and more...

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Booking Inquiry

Looking for Choreographers, Dancers and/or Models. Lush Varsity ladies is a unique blend of professionally trained entertainers, widely recognized throughout the entertainment industry.

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DOe Vendor

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Meet The Team


Michelle Hall-Howell

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Keisha Brouchure.jpg

Keisha Sparkle
Co-Director of Workshop Programs

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Sala Nemley
VP of Performing Arts Academy 

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