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lush varsity

Lush Varsity is a family entertainment company for aspiring and professional entertainers. We created an environment for women to learn the business, build massive success, win big and share victories together!! We are here to guide you through the entertainment industry  inside and out with full knowledge and development for success. We strive on family and keeping the balance between the love for the craft and adapting to the industry. Through our solid fundamental foundation we build your portfolio and your mind to be unmatched and prepared for anything.

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“don't downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. upgrade your conviction to match your destiny."


Stay tuned for some awesome upcoming productions you do not want to miss.

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master classes

 Providing affordable Master classes and workshops to the Dance Community to train, develop and build aspiring dancers. Lush has worked with: Aliya Janell, Kaelynn Harris, Ysabelle, Nicole Kirkland and more...



Looking for Choreographers, Dancers and/or Models. Lush Varsity ladies is a unique blend of professionally trained entertainers, widely recognized throughout the entertainment industry.

performing arts

Coming Soon...

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